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Tired Of Losing Money? Discover What You Are Doing Wrong

Join us while we address key concerns such as why most traders lose money, the most common trading mistakes, habits of successful traders, the best markets to trade, the comparison between buying and holding versus active trading, and the potential benefits of having a trading coach. 

How To Beat The Market Without Being An Expert

Learn how to trade successfully without being a genius, the necessity of extensive trading knowledge for success, the relationship between expertise and trading success, strategies to compete with hedge funds and Wall Street, shortcuts to accelerate your trading education, and the importance of specializing in certain markets for optimal results. 

Chart Reading Secrets: When To Buy Or Sell

Unlock the secrets of chart reading and learn when to buy or sell. Get answers to crucial questions such as the advantages of candlestick charts, how to select the right indicators, the optimal number of indicators to use, the importance of price action, the tradability of different market types, and an easy approach to finding entries and exits for profitable trading. 

5 Patterns That Could Cause You To Lose It All

Discover the effectiveness of pattern trading strategies, explore patterns such as pennants, flags, divergence, dojis, and wedges, and gain crucial insights into how these patterns can impact your trading decisions. 

Elliot Wave Theory: What They Don't Want You To Know

Get answers to critical questions about this popular trading approach, including its definition, effectiveness, subjectivity concerns, the trading potential of wave 3, applicability across timeframes, and the availability of Elliot Wave Theory software. 

The 3 Indicators Every Trader Should Be Using

Discover the optimal number of indicators to use, learn how to select the right indicators for your trading strategy, gain insights into whether your trading method should solely rely on indicators, and explore key indicators such as the simple moving average, stochastic indicator, and Average True Range. 

The Easiest Way To Learn Trading Without Going Back To School

Get answers to essential questions like whether comprehensive understanding is necessary for success, the benefits of self-teaching versus coaching, the viability of relying on a single strategy, the time commitment required for trading, practical methods to practice trading without real money, and effective approaches for selecting the right trading program or method.

Trade Crypto As Easy As Trading Stocks

Get answers to important questions such as the applicability of stock trading methods to crypto, the feasibility of trading crypto in a stock account, the advantages and disadvantages of trading crypto-related funds, the availability of options trading on crypto-related funds, the potential for profitable trading in bear markets, and an evaluation of the risks associated with trading crypto compared to stocks.

The Secret To Get On The INSIDE To Get Better Info

Learn whether listening to the mainstream financial media can lead to profitable trading, discover alternative sources for reliable market information, explore how to access the insights that Wall Street traders rely on, understand the significance of fundamental analysis in achieving trading success, gain insights into the power of technical analysis for making informed trading decisions, and explore whether big institutions utilize technical analysis in their trading strategies. 

How To Make Money Even When The Markets Are Being Manipulated

Get answers to important questions such as the possibility of success in manipulated markets for traders, the tactics employed by big banks to manipulate markets, the significance of market manipulation, the advantages retail traders have over institutions, the prevalence of market manipulation across different markets, and the role of high liquidity in overcoming manipulation. 

Leverage Options With Higher Probability And Lower Risk

Get answers to important questions such as how options work, the risk associated with options trading, the benefits of leverage, the likelihood of options expiring worthless, the importance of understanding the Greeks in options trading, and the advantages of trading options over stocks. 

Is Forex Dead? (What Your Broker DOESN'T Want You To Know)

Get answers to pressing questions such as the reasons behind the decline in retail trading in Forex, the current opportunities that differentiate the market from the past, insights into major Forex traders, the optimal trading approach for retail traders, the differences between Forex and the stock market, and the crucial importance of understanding leverage in Forex trading.

Identifying "Hot Tips" You Should Follow And What To Ignore

Discover the advantages, if any, that hot tips provide, learn who should be trusted when it comes to hot tips, understand when hot tips are most likely to offer an edge, explore why Wall Street may not act on hot tips ahead of retail traders, and uncover better trading approaches that go beyond relying on hot tips. Gain valuable insights to navigate the realm of trading advice and make informed decisions based on reliable sources and strategies.

Financial News: Interpretation That Can Give You The Edge

Get answers to key questions such as identifying the most trusted sources of financial news, strategies for staying updated with the most important news amidst the constant 24/7 news cycle, understanding the significance of daily-changing financial news for traders, developing the skills to interpret news and grasp its implications, and uncovering how financial news can provide an edge despite its availability to all traders.

The Truth About Price Action

Gain insights into the fundamentals of price action, understand the distinction between technical indicators and price action, learn how price action can provide a trading edge, explore the significance of market liquidity and volatility when utilizing price action, uncover the dynamic nature of price action across different markets and market conditions, and explore the reasons why price action is invaluable and cannot be solely replaced by technical indicators. 

Alternative Ways To Find Money To Invest Profitably

Get answers to important questions about sources of funds that can be allocated to trading, determining the appropriate percentage of funding to allocate for trading, assessing financial readiness for trading risks, minimum account sizes for successful trading methods, and the risks associated with trading with borrowed or unaffordable funds.

Take Control Of Your IRA With Active Investing

Get answers to important questions regarding the pros and cons of a buy and hold diversified portfolio, the concept of active trading and its suitability, the potential for outperforming the buy and hold strategy through active trading, the financial and market conditions that prompt passive investors to become active traders, the path to becoming an active trader even without prior trading knowledge, and strategies to succeed as an active trader despite the common perception that most active traders lose.

Using Digital Brokers And Platforms The Right Way

Get answers to important questions such as the key characteristics to consider when choosing an online broker, the ease of learning to place orders even for those who are not tech-savvy, the differences in difficulty between placing stock and option orders, the various types of orders available and their respective uses, the process of placing a contingency order for options based on the price of the underlying stock, and what steps to take if your broker lacks a suitable trading platform or order type capability.

Trading Bots That Work

Get answers to essential questions such as the definition of a trading bot, the history of trading bots and their authenticity, the reasons why not everyone utilizes trading bots despite their effectiveness, the required account size for trading with bots, the reasons behind the emergence and disappearance of trading bots, the modifications made to bots based on market conditions, the potential for AI to revolutionize trading bots, and a comparison between trading bots and successful technical analysis methods.

How To Never Lose A Trade Again

We'll answer important questions such as how it's possible to avoid losing trades entirely, the key to succeeding as a trader without experiencing losses, the impact of the percentage of losing trades and the average amount of a losing trade on overall profitability, whether the goal of trading is to eliminate losing trades or maximize profits with limited risk, why traders may expect significant profits without any risk or losing trades, and the perpetual search for the holy grail of trading methods that promise no losses.

How Successful Traders NEVER Buy The Bottom Or Sell The Top

Get answers to critical questions like why buying the bottom and selling the top is not a winning strategy, how successful traders identify the right entry and exit points, the factors more important than timing the exact top and bottom, the significance of market trends across short, intermediate, and longer terms, the reasoning behind traders seeking bargains through bottom fishing, and the logic behind buying a market after it has already made a significant move higher. 

Short Without The Risk Of A Margin Call

We'll provide answers to important questions such as the concept of shorting stocks, the higher risk associated with shorting compared to buying stocks, the phenomenon of short squeezes, the risks involved in trading with margin, the viability of Put Option buying strategies as an alternative to short selling, the comparison of risks between shorting a stock and buying a put option, and how buying a put option can help you avoid margin calls.

Market Collapse: Secrets To Protect Your Portfolio

Gain insights into the necessity of portfolio protection despite the long-term upward trend of markets, the frequency of market collapses, the role of diversification in risk reduction and its sufficiency during a market collapse, the drawbacks of selling one's portfolio during a collapse, effective strategies to safeguard your portfolio, and the possibility of navigating a collapse without missing out on the subsequent bull market. 

Interest Rates, Inflation And The FED: What You NEED To Know

Get answers to important questions, including the historical correlation between the Fed's interest rate policy and the stock market, the reasons for the changing correlation in recent years, an understanding of different types of inflation, the role of raising interest rates in combating inflation, the impact of massive government deficits on inflation and interest rates, and the best investment strategies in an inflationary environment. 

The World's Next Reserve Currency (That No One Is Talking About)

Discover the key aspects of the 1944 Bretton Woods Monetary System, the reasons behind Nixon's decision to detach the dollar from the gold standard, the concept of fiat currency, the impact of floating exchange rates, the systematic loss of purchasing power in fiat currencies, the future acceptance of the dollar as the reserve currency, the potential role of gold in a successor currency, and the likelihood and existence of a future global reserve currency. 

How To Put The IRS Out Of Business (Legally)

Get answers to important questions such as the leading tax minimizing strategies for individuals, how to effectively reduce taxes while maintaining access to your funds, the appropriate circumstances for establishing trusts and the different types available, the risks associated with relying solely on IRA or 401K plans for tax minimization, and the misconception that tax avoidance strategies are exclusive to the wealthy.

Retire Without A Savings Account

We will address critical questions such as determining the required savings for retirement, achieving adequate returns in a low-interest rate environment, the drawbacks of traditional savings accounts for retirement funds, determining a safe withdrawal rate to avoid depleting savings, safeguarding against inflation without assuming excessive risk, and protecting against potential financial system disruptions.

Mindset: Cold, Calculated And ULTRA Wealthy

Discover why thinking you know the market direction can hinder success, the disparity between emotions and trading outcomes, the essence of being a disciplined trader, the psychology behind holding onto losing trades and prematurely taking profits, and effective techniques to control emotions and maintain discipline in trading.

Dumb Mistakes That Can Cause You To Lose Everything

Get answers to important questions such as how to overcome habitual mistakes, the impact of chronic mistakes on a successful trading method, the significance of trading with money you can afford to lose to avoid nervous trading and mistakes, the benefits of keeping a trading log to learn from and prevent recurring errors, and the effectiveness of using a trading coach to achieve mistake-free trading.

The Unspoken RISK Of Diversification

Get answers to critical questions such as the definition of diversification, the reasons why financial advisors recommend it, the benefits it offers, its potential drawbacks, the factors that influence different portfolio balances among investors, and the additional strategies investors should consider beyond diversification. 

Trade Precious Metals

Get answers to essential questions such as which precious metals are crucial for investors to monitor, who should consider buying precious metals, optimal portfolio allocation for precious metals, the choice between trading and holding precious metals, easy methods for trading precious metals, effective trading strategies for precious metals, the distinction between holding physical metals and owning them in a bank or vault, the undervaluation of silver compared to gold and how to track their relationship.

Trade In Foreign Markets Without The Red Tape

Get insights into the top up-and-coming foreign markets, understand the advantages of investing in these markets, learn about the hurdles typically involved in foreign market investments, explore strategies to navigate the red tape, identify target companies and ETFs for investment, and assess the risks associated with investing in foreign markets compared to domestic markets.

Timing The A.I. Bubble

Explore key questions surrounding AI, its potential to enhance company profits, the companies most likely to benefit, the sustainability of AI-driven stock gains, a comparison to the dot com bubble of 2000, indicators for identifying the bubble's peak, and effective trading strategies to navigate the AI bubble successfully. 

Protect Your Assets And Create Generational Wealth

Get answers to essential questions such as understanding the concept of generational wealth, the significance of protecting your assets and the potential threats to your wealth, the best strategies to build generational wealth, alternative methods of transferring wealth while alive, and effective ways to mitigate estate taxes.

Charting Software: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Get answers to important questions such as the definition of charting software, the key qualities to consider when selecting charting software, how expert traders leverage charting software for their benefit, the significance of scanning and its role in trading, tips for setting up charting software for success, trading strategies that can be implemented with charting software, and an exploration of charting software solutions that offer automated trading capabilities.

The ULTIMATE Tech Setup For Trading Like The Pros

Gain insights into the tech setups used by professional traders, learn about the recommended setup for new traders to achieve success, identify common mistakes when selecting devices and charting software, determine the ideal level of technology involvement, explore the suitability of automated trading for investors, understand the required setup for automated trading, and discover effective strategies to implement with automated trading.

Recovering From Identity Theft, Avoid Becoming A Victim

Gain a comprehensive understanding of what identity theft entails, the extent of its impact beyond credit card theft, the motives behind identity theft, effective strategies for protecting your identity, the difference between online and offline identity protection, how to detect if your identity has been stolen, and the common vulnerabilities that make it easy for thieves to steal identities. 

Investing In Crypto Without The Fear/Risk Of Draconian Regulation

Get answers to important questions such as the risks posed by regulations to the crypto markets, the potential implications of Bitcoin becoming illegal in the US, the motivations behind government attempts to make crypto illegal, the factors that prevent governments from doing so, cryptocurrencies with lower regulatory risk, the advantages of privacy coins over Bitcoin, the benefits of including privacy coins in your portfolio as a crypto investor, and the potential impact on privacy coins if Bitcoin were to be made illegal. 

How AI Is Going To Disrupt Market Function And Change Investing

Gain insights into the fundamentals of AI, its potential to disrupt market dynamics, the transformative impact on investing, the beneficiaries of AI investing (Main Street vs. Wall Street), the distinction between AI investing and quants, and the most effective strategies in an AI-driven market, including trend-following and buy-and-hold approaches. 

What FTX, LUNA And Kracken Taught Us About Investing In Crypto

Discover the reasons behind the failures of FTX and LUNA, understand the implications of Kraken's fine and the impact of regulations on crypto investors. Learn about the safest methods to store your crypto holdings, the common mistakes made by long-term crypto holders, and the best strategies for safe short-term trading in the crypto market. 

ESG And The Impact On Your Portfolio

Get answers to important questions such as the definition of ESG, its influence on companies, the entities responsible for creating ESG standards, the reasons investors may or may not want to invest in ESG companies, the long-term implications of ESG on portfolios, and the opportunities that have arisen for traders in the wake of ESG's popularity. 

Wildly Profitable Multi Day Trading Strategies

Get answers to important questions about different multi-day trading strategies, the time commitment required, the best opportunities in stocks, crypto, and forex for multi-day trading, the necessary experience level, the advantages of multi-day trading over buying and holding stocks, the reasons for choosing multi-day trading over regular day trading, the potential returns of multi-day trading, and the common mistakes made by multi-day traders. 

How To Create Your Own Custom Indicators

Get answers to important questions such as the definition and purpose of indicators, the benefits of creating custom indicators, the process of creating them, examples of effective custom indicators for traders, the concept of custom indexes, and how custom indexes can provide a competitive advantage, with an example using IWD/IWF. 

Day Trading vs "End Of Day" Trading

Discover the distinctions between these two trading styles, understand the advantages and considerations of trading at the end of the day, explore suitable trading strategies for end of day trading such as trend following and dip buying, identify the best markets for end of day trading, determine the optimal trading timeframe for this approach, and learn about the indicators that can enhance your end of day trading decisions.
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